“Stylectrical” Exhibition @ MKG Hamburg

Portrait of Curator, Benjamin Rabe by JoseAndres Guijarro-Ponce

Portrait of Mobi-Digi Artist, Benjamin Rabe by JoseAndres Guijarro-Ponce

Fingerpaintings – Design im MKG.

First museum exhibition to feature mobile digital artworks. I am among 10 artists who were invited to produce a display of works to be shown on iPads. The show is curated by Ina Gr├Ątz and runs from August 26, 2011 through January 15, 2012 at the MKG Hamburg (Arts and Crafts Museum of Hamburg) and is an extension of “Stylectrical: Electronic design that has made history”. For details visit the site. (If you don’t speak german, copy and paste the link into www.google.com/translate)

Very exciting!

To add, I’ve decided to share my “Pad” with the collabo queen, Sandy Schmidt of MI, who is founder for the “3 years and going strong” fingerpainting a week group (a group created to stream ongoing inspiration to mobi-digi artists through bi-weekly assigned themes and artist tributes. It’s a great group really for anyone who wants to jump outside of the scope of their own work OR loves doing artists studies (works based on or inspired by masters of the past…)

Sandy and I have embarked upon a “theme” based collaboration–which I will get into later. ;-)

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