Participating Artists

Below is the list of the Artists who will be featured in “A Healing Touch: Digital Offerings of Peace to Women Survivors”.

Roberta Barbarić (Mostar, Bosnia) – Flickr

John Bavaro (Erie, PA) – Website, Flickr

Rita Flores (Bogota, NJ) – Flickr

Julia Kay (San Francisco, CA) – Website, Flickr

Helene Goldberg (Berkley, CA) – Flickr

Jose Andres Guijarra (Cuenca, Spain) – Flickr

Daniel Harris (Brooklyn, NY) – Website, Flickr

Rino Larsen (Oslo, Norway) – Website, Flickr

David Scott Leibowitz (Teaneck, NJ) – Website, Flickr

Fabric Lenny (West Yorkshire, UK) – Website, Flickr

Deborah McMillion (Phoenix, AZ) – Website, Flickr

Susan Murtaugh (Two Rivers, WI) – Flickr

Amy Nelp (Montrose, CO) – Flickr

Luis Peso (Grenada, Spain) - Flickr

Benjamin Rabe (Hamburg, Germany) – Website, Flickr

Justin Rawcliffe (Lancaster, UK) – Flickr

Mia Robinson (Washington DC)

Mike Ryon (Scranton, KS) – Flickr

Thierry Schiel (Bertrange, Luxembourg) – Website, Flickr

Sandy Schmidt (Livonia, MI) – Flickr

Philip Vetter (Louisville, KY) – Website, Flickr

Patricio Villarroel (Paris, France) – Website, Flickr

Matthew Watkins (Bari, Italy) – Website, Flickr

(Due to an increased level of support we have received from the mobile digital art community, we have also started a private Flickr Group for all artists who would like to create a piece for the show.  The group currently has 72 members.  The works posted to the group will be featured as a slideshow opening night.)

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